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BabyBoomPro Why choose us!

- To adopt and receive a newborn on the 2nd-3rd day after birth is real.
- Birth documents are immediately issued in your name.
- A European baby from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, CIS countries.
- More than 200 pregnant women for any of your requests.
- Verified mothers, aged from 20 to 34 years, having one, but not more than 3 children.
- You can choose between a boy or a girl, the option of twins is also possible.
- To get the child, you will only need to fly to a neutral country (not the CIS countries).
- No problems with adoption documents:one trip to the consulate of your country and that's it.
- Control of the woman in labor at all stages of pregnancy.
- The opportunity to spend the last 2 months with the woman in labor before giving birth.
- The opportunity to be present during childbirth.
- Payment is divided into 3 stages. The last payment is upon the birth and transfer of the child.
- Complete privacy! No one will ever know that the child was not given birth to by you!!!
- We do not know anything about you until the woman in labor is placed in a maternity hospital.
- We work with LGBT couples.
- If desired, we can pick up a woman in labor with Asian or Caucasian roots.
- We bring happiness and joy to your home.

Scheme of work

Our agency has developed and implemented a unique service for the adoption of a newborn child.
Choose from the catalog of pregnant women the right mother for you.
All mothers are adults and have at least one successful birth in the past. The mothers don't have any bad habits.
Upon your request from the catalog, we will provide you with a photo of a pregnant woman, her first child, a description of the man from whom conception occurred. Additionally, all medical documents and ultrasound will be attached (the documents will be in Ukrainian or Russian, translation is paid separately). You can choose a woman in labor with a gestation period from one to seven months. Throughout the pregnancy, you will receive monthly medical reports, photos and videos.
We are not interested in your personal data. Your documents will be required only when the baby is discharged from the hospital in order to issue a birth certificate for you for the consulate of your country.
We work with single people and LGBT couples, but you need to take into account that we can only issue a birth certificate in a country with traditional values for a woman. So if you are a single man or a gay male couple, bring a woman who can fly with you and for whom the registration will be issued to.

How to apply:

You register, submit an application on the website, specifying all the necessary parameters of the woman in labor and a newborn (gestation period, eye color, hair color, blood type, sex of the child, etc.). You confirm the application with a payment of 1000 euros.

Our agency provides options for women in labor within 7-21 days (with documents, photos, data and description). You choose from the provided options, if you are not satisfied with them, then we continue the selection until you find the option you approve of . If everything is approved, we make a contract and you make a 50% prepayment. These funds are used for medical control, maintenance of the woman in labor, flight to the country of birth of the child, accommodation and medical care in the country of childbirth, payment for childbirth, preparation of the documents needed.

At the end of the 7th month of pregnancy, we transport the woman in labor to the country where she will give birth. At this stage, if you wish, you can also come to the country and monitor the process of pregnancy, nutrition, accommodation, medical procedures and attend childbirth. Or fly in time for the scheduled delivery and pick up the child with documents issued in your name 2-3 days after the birth. Upon the birth of a child, you pay the second half.

The total cost:
54900 euro
Additional payments:
Caesarean section: 4900 Euro
Twins: 14900 euro

Upon termination of the contract on your part at any stage, the amount paid will not be refunded.
In case of force majeure with a woman in labor, namely: miscarriage, a child with abnormalities, a stillborn child, our agency guarantees the provision of another woman in labor and we will bear the costs incurred by you.

During the contract period, we communicate only in English and Russian through personal messages on the website, e-mail, Telegrams, VIPole. Contacts become available after registration. Submitting an application and paying 1000 euros in order to confirm the seriousness of your intentions.

Payment is accepted only in BTC, Ether, Monero,Dash, Zcash.


Why do we only accept payments in cryptocurrency?

Ukraine has an unstable banking system today, accounts can be canceled in favor of military operations at any time.
Russia has imposed a ban on working with the dollar and euro.
Belarus exercises total control over any transfers from abroad.
In Europe and the USA, justifications are required for incoming and outgoing transactions.
And we need real money for housing, food, clothing and medicine for our pregnant women.

Why can we be trusted?

At any time from the moment of signing the contract, you will be able to fly in and personally meet the woman in labor or chat with her online (most do not speak English, so you will need the services of an interpreter).

Why can't you choose a woman in labor with a period of more
than 7 months of pregnancy?

We monitor and keep the pregnancy history of each of our women in labor, individually select the dates of air travel for the safety of the woman in labor, which we cannot guarantee for women in labor involved in the last months of pregnancy.

So What's Next?

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